Hugo Cortell

AAA Game Designer

Designing systems, writing witty documents, and prototyping radical ideas is what I'm all about.

You may know me from my contributions to Fate of Iberia for Crusader Kings 3, where I wrote

some fan-favourite content. Now, I am the primary designer on a big feature for another upcoming DLC.

I've worked on everything from one-man projects where I did every task and became every role, to 50+ people teams where I had a hyper-specialized role. As a designer, I know what it is like to step up to a tough challenge, to compete against impending deadlines, and to have to make difficult decisions.

I've also had some experiences that not all designers share, such as developing a cutting-edge virtual-reality game, learning the basics of machine learning, and having used over ten different game engines. I hold great curiosity towards the world around me and enjoy learning new things and seeking new challenges. Be it learning an entire scripting language half-way through the production of a project, conducting historical research to improve the quality of a narrative, assessing new tools to improve our processes, or simply studying an actual language in order to read game design documents and articles that have not been translated into English.

I am well regarded by my colleagues and often praised for my proactivity in writing documentation.

Game development is undoubtably a collaborative effort; therefore, I consider maintaining a good

relationship with the team I work with to be as important as the ability to communicate the designs themselves.

As a designer, I always try to put player agency first. Immersive simulation games are kind of my jam.

Nobody has time to read in-depth articles about every single thing I've done. So here is a simple timeline:

Vancouver Film School
Game Design Graduate

At Vancouver Film School I was taught everything related to game-development, from design, to programming, to art and even some project management.

Paradox Interactive
Content Designer

As a content designer, I designed, wrote and scripted lots of events and decisions to help bring the Iberian Peninsula and its history, culture and myths to life in a DLC.

Paradox Interactive
Game Designer

As a game designer, I designed, documented and implemented new features for upcoming DLCs for Crusader Kings 3.

Much of it is still under NDA.